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 The Benleumi is a leading bank in the capital market sector and it offers a wide variety of professional solutions and services for all kinds of investors.

 The complete and binding terms for each product/service are as presented in the Bank documents relating to the said product/service and are subject to customary Bank procedures.  The Bank may alter the offered product/service terms or discontinue them at any time.  The publications do not comprise any suggestion, opinion or consultation relating to the feasibility of investments and cannot replace consulting that is related to the data, needs and objectives of each individual.  All of the services involving investment consulting are subject to signing a consulting agreement.  The examples appearing in the publications are theoretical only, provided for purposes of explanation and illustration, and the figures appearing therein must not be relied upon.   The publications do not comprise any consent or obligation for the provision of service in general, and specifically the provision of any credit, where the issue is a product/service involving the provision of credit.  Credit, as required, shall be granted subject to Bank discretion and the provision of satisfactory guarantees. 
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