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Deposits and Savings

An attractive investment venue to fit your saving needs

Seeking a stable investment?  Benleumi offers you a variety of deposits and savings suited to your objectives – defined timetables upon your choice, guaranteed attractive terms and peace of mind in the conservative channels.

Special Deposits and Saving Accounts
Various deposit and saving plans, bonus and loan deposits for you to choose from.

NIS Deposits
Whatever's right for you – Benleumi offers you a variety of NIS deposit options: fixed, variable or combined interest rates.

Linked Deposits and Savings
Deposits and savings accounts that offer index or currency linkage.

Monthly Deposit Savings Accounts
Depositing a small and trivial amount every month, will enable you to realize any dream that you have in the future.

Monthly Income Savings
Savings accounts with a current income.

Deposits and Structured Products
Unique financial investment vehicles.

For information on deposit interest rates: Contact Benleumi Call at *3009 or contact the Bank branches.

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