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Conditions of Use

  1. The use of this website, including the various services that it provides or shall provide from time to time, if any ("the Site") are subject to the instructions, terms and undertakings set forth below.  Anyone visiting the Site ("the User"), by force of merely visiting and/or using the Site, agrees to the terms set forth below and undertakes to act upon them.
    Site usage by a Bank customer, as defined below, in order to obtain banking services through communication lines, shall also be subject to the terms set forth in documents thereby signed, including the account opening application, general terms for account management and/or an application for banking services via communication lines, and the said documents shall prevail in the event of a dispute between their content and the content of these terms.
  2. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, everything appearing on the Site, including design, content, information, data, software, applications, interfaces, computer code, publications, charts, images, graphic files, sound, pictures, video and any other content therein ("the Content") are the property of The First International Bank of Israel and/or its subsidiaries (the Bank and any other company, factor or body related thereto or to FIBI Holdings Ltd. or companies thereby controlled, hereinafter – "the Bank" or "Benleumi Group") or use thereof was approved by the owners thereof and they are protected under the laws of intellectual property in Israel and/or abroad.
     The Content, fully or partially, must not be copied, broadcast, distributed, photocopied, reproduced, published, displayed in public or altered, whether in return to consideration or none, without explicit Bank approval in writing, all subject and in accordance to, inter alia, the Creators' Right Law 1911, Creators' Right Law, 5768-2007, Creators' Right Ordinance, Trademark Ordinance [New Version], 5732-1972 and other laws of intellectual property.
     Trademarks appearing on the site are the property of the Bank and must not be used for any purpose that may detract from its rights.
     These terms of use do not grant the User or any other entity any intellectual property rights or other rights to the site or the content, and the User will not take any action which may detract from the Bank's rights thereto.
  3. The contents are intended for personal use only and are not intended for commercial use.
  4. The user is solely responsible for use of the Site and/or the content and/or relying upon them.
  5. The Site Content, as defined above, may be amended from time to time, all without prior or any other notice.
  6. Any information or data appearing in the Content is updated as of the date appearing therein or alongside them; the Bank doe not undertake to add and update such information or data.
  7. The information or data appearing in the Bank books and/or those published by the Bank in writing, shall prevail in the event of any dispute between them and the information or data appearing on the Site.  Bank notice alone will serve as a reference for the execution of transactions on the Site or for the account balance.
  8. The information appearing on the Site regarding Bank services is only intended to provide a general presentation of the options for Bank services and does not reflect all of the products or services offered by the Bank.  The content of the Site does not comprise a proposal for transacting with the Bank or entering into a contract or an invitation to such a proposal, or a presentation toward executing a transaction, and it does not commit the Bank to provide any services whatsoever, or specifically upon terms set forth in this Site.  The Bank shall only be bound by the content of documents thereby signed.
  9. The explanations appearing on Site regarding the Bank services and the terms for obtaining credit are partial; they do not replace a review of the documents relating to the Bank services or the loan.  For full details relating to a certain service, contact the Bank representatives at the branches.
  10. The Bank reserves the right to review every request for service, credit or otherwise, and to apply its exclusive discretion for deciding on the provision of the service or loan and the terms under which they shall be granted, which may differ from those presented in the Site.  Obtaining credit from the bank is subject to Bank approval and the terms and provisions set forth by law.
  11. The Bank may present content received, fully or partially, directly or indirectly, from third parties and it shall be under the exclusive responsibility of its creators.  The contents received from third parties is provided "As Is", without any pretense on the part of the Bank regarding their correctness, accuracy, timeliness or their continued appearance on the Site.  The Bank shall bear no liability regarding the contents or the information therein, including changes that may apply therein or thereto after publication thereof, and it does not monitor or conduct any assessment, including any assessment of their reliability, accuracy or source.
    As such, the data appearing on the Site in relation to mortgages for eligible applicants are data belonging to the Ministry of Construction and Housing and/or the State of Israel, and the Bank attempted to provide the essence of the issue through the Site for general informational purposes only.  The Bank does not undertake that the data appearing on the Site and the calculators therein is updated and absent of error.  The User must apply to the original publications in order to perform a detailed and accurate evaluation of the said figures prior to relying on them in any way.  In any event, the results obtained from calculator results do not comprise any undertaking by the Bank to execute any transaction.
  12. The contents may be subject to pronunciation, formulation, typing errors and inaccuracies, etc., and the Bank shall bear no liability for damages caused or to be caused to any third party in relation to the said flaws.
  13. The Bank may present marketing material from the Benleumi Group on Site, including special offers, benefits, discounts and details relating to products and services ("Marketing Material") on terms set forth by the Bank.  The Bank may discontinue and/or alter the Marketing Material at any time and upon its sole discretion.
  14. Links to sites that do not belong to the Bank are provided only as comments offering information that may be of interest to the User.  The Bank shall not be perceived as agreeing or supporting, explicitly or implicitly, any opinion, information or services appearing on these sites, merely by the existence of the said links.  The Bank has no control over sites that are not thereby owned and is not responsible, implicitly or explicitly, for their content, completeness or suitability for User needs.  In addition, the Bank is not responsible for the creator rights or third party rights to the sites to which it enables a link or to the content appearing therein.
  15. The Contents do not comprise an opinion, recommendation or proposal to acquire, hold or sell financial assets or pension assets or any other bank product and they do not comprise a proposal, solicitation, guidance or advice for executing transactions and/or granting credit and/or investment advice and/or pension advice.  The contents are general only and shall not replace the individual discretion of the User and professional guidance, including advice from a certified investment advisor and/or an authorized pension consultant, who considers the figures, needs and objectives unique to the User in order to perform specific transactions.  The use of terms such as "Hold", "Sell", "Buy", "Opportunity", etc., does not comprise a recommendation to take any action, but rather comprises a general description only.
  16. The information and data appearing in the Contents, including a review or analysis of specific securities, are based on public information and/or obtained from external sources and the Bank is not liable for their correctness, completeness or truth.  The Site may present content relating to structured products, options and future Bank contracts, regarding which the Bank may conduct marketing efforts, and it may prefer these products over other similar products.
  17. The Benleumi Group holds or may hold, whether directly or indirectly, whether for itself or for others, securities and/or financial assets that the Content may relate to.  The Benleumi Bank, companies thereby controlled, officers therein, stakeholders therein, its shareholders and companies thereby control are involved, inter alia, in the provision of underwriting services, investment management, trust and mutual fund management, all so long as the Bank and/or the companies thereby controlled are permitted to conduct such activities.  Thus, during their said activities, they may hold, purchase and/or sell securities and/or financial assets to which the content relates and/or shall relate in the future.
  18. The Bank invests great efforts toward guarding against the risks embedded on the Internet and in computer systems in general.  However, damages and/or losses may occur due to the occurrence of the said risks and the Bank shall not be liable thereto, including damages and/or losses derived of viruses, Trojan horses, eavesdropping, hacking into databases, servers or computers, pretending to be the Site and/or the Bank (Phishing), online fraud and deceit, Site failures, communication line failures, temporary or permanent discontinuation of part or all of the Site services, downloading software that may be possible through the Site and using it, etc.
    The Bank does not undertake that the Site services shall not be disrupted, discontinued or stopped and that they shall be resistant to damages, flaws, failures or faults, including hardware, software, communications by the Bank or any of its suppliers and for any reason whatsoever.  The User hereby confirms that he is aware thereof and that he acknowledges that Site services may not be available when needed, or shall not be available at all, or availability thereof shall be partial, limited or problematic, or that the services shall not operate properly, including the provision of incorrect, outdated or erroneous information or unable to provide the data required or perform the transactions requested.  The User confirms that he shall have no claim against the Bank or any other factor in regards to the Site for any such event that is not subject to Bank control or which the Bank could not have prevented with reasonable effort.
     The Bank shall not be liable for any delay whatsoever, operational difficulty, information inaccuracy, computer virus or any Site flaw.  Nor shall the Bank be responsible for any problem caused to the User due to factors that are not controlled by the Bank or that the Bank could not have prevented with reasonable effort.
     The Bank shall not be liable for any inconsistencies between any computer or other device employed by the User.  By merely using the Site, the User declares and confirms that he has examined compatibility for using the Site on his computer or computing systems or any other device with which he wishes to use the Site ("His Computer") and the impact that it may have on His Computer, and he shall have no right or claims toward the Bank for any damages caused, if any, to His Computer and/or to any content or application installed on His Computer and/or to others as a result thereof.
     The User is responsible for preventing the penetration of viruses or any other damaging factors into His Computer, and the Bank is exempt of any liability in this regard.
  19. Subject to the above, the Bank shall have no tort, contract or other liability toward the User or any third party, derived of use of this Site or of relying on the information therein, unless stated otherwise in a document between the Bank and the User.  Without derogating from the above, the Bank shall not remunerate the User and/or any third party for any loss of profits or loss of opportunities, or any indirect, special, consequential, probable damage (including instances in which the User alerts the Bank to expected damages or losses prior to the occurrence thereof) or any penal compensation caused in relation to the use of the Site or the contents therein.
  20. The Bank is entitled to introduce any change, amendment or other act to the Site or contents, including the right to later the Site or its content, including the Contents and any other aspect and/or the terms of use and/or the instructions of use and/or its availability, temporarily or permanently, fully or partially, to discontinue Site activity or parts thereof or the systems therein and/or the services thereby provided – fully or partially and all, upon its sole discretion, without being required to provide early notice or announcement to the User or any other factor in advance or in hindsight and without being required to explain the said measure.  The Bank and/or its subsidiaries and/or its suppliers may discontinue or change any information, product or service described on the Site at any time whatsoever.
    As such, the Bank shall be entitled to completely or partially delete content, remove them temporarily or permanently, block content to viewing, change, edit, present, convey and advertise contents, restrict the extent and quantity of downloadable and/or viewable content, and such.  The User shall have no claims regarding any of the abovementioned measures or similar measures.  Taking any of the actions set forth above shall not comprise Bank liability for any of them, toward the User and/or toward any other party.
  21. The Bank may (but is not obliged) store and/or save the contents, compile information on User usage and use of the Site and to analyze it for its business needs, and the information may be stored in Bank databases and be used for reaching decisions on the provision of services in the future.
  22. The Bank may disclose information relating to the User where it is entitled (or required) to do so by law, including by court order.
  23. The terms of use do not derogate from and/or change any other agreement between the Bank and/or the Benleumi Group and the User.  The User may be subject to additional terms of use in specific parts of this Site or in documents relating to Bank services ("Additional Terms of Use").  The inclusion of any of the Additional Terms of Use in these terms of use does not derogate from subjecting the User to any other term of the Additional Terms of Use.
  24. These terms of use, their interpretation and anything else relating thereto or derived thereof, including information appearing on the Site, User access thereto and use thereof, shall be subject to the laws of the State of Israel only.  Sole jurisdiction for all intents and purposes derived of these terms of use or of the Site shall be granted to the authorized courts in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  25. The Site must not be used where prohibited by local law.  Please note that use of the Content, relying upon them and taking action according to them may be limited and even illegal according to the laws of different countries and therefore the User must determine, prior to using the Contents, whether the applicable law permits use of the Site and the permitted manner of usage.
  26. The information presented on Site is not to be construed as a request for proposals or a proposal for anyone outside of the State of Israel, if the applicable law prohibits proposals or responding thereto, or where the Bank is not permitted to propose or respond to such a proposal.
  27. The terms of use are formulated in masculine form for purposes of convenience only and they relate equally to both genders.
  28. Please follow changes to these terms of use.
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