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Board of Directors

Irit Izakson, Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Served as Chairperson of the IsraCard Group in the years 2008-2013, and as Director of companies, among which: Bank Hapoalim (in the years 1999-2016), Shikun & Binui, Koor, the Israel Corporation, Israel Chemicals, IDB Development and other companies. Prior to that, served at Bank Leumi in different senior roles. Holds a BA Degree in Economics and an MSc. Degree in Operational Research from the School of Business Administration of the Tel Aviv University.


Ilan Aish 
CPA. Formerly joint owner of CPA offices , director and chairman of companies.

David Assia
Founder, CEO and Board Chairman of leading computer and high technology companies in the past.
MBA from the University of Tel Aviv.

Zeev Ben-Asher

MBA. Formerly Deputy CEO of FIBI. Prior to that he served in several positions in Bank Hapoalim Group, among them: Deputy CEO of the bank, Chairman of Isracard and Chairman of Signature Bank-NY. Director of companies. Coacher of managers.

Gil Bino
Attorney-at-law, CEO of Bino Holdings.Chairman of the Board of Directors of FIBI Holdings and of FIBI Investment House. Director of companies.

Zadik Bino
Owner of control in Bino Holdings, part of the Bino Holdings Group which holds the core of control in First International Bank. Former Managing Director of First International Bank and subsequently CEO of Bank Leumi. Director of companies.

Pnina Bitterman-Cohen
Advocate. Served as Deputy CEO and Legal Counsel of Polar Investments until end of August 2009. 

Daniel Forman
MBA and BA in Economics and Statistics. Many years of experience in analysis of balance sheets, valuation of companies and projects. Founder and CEO of Arba Finance Co., Chairman and Director of companies.


Dov Goldfriend
CPA. Formerly CEO of Bank PAGI of FIBI Group. Prior to that he was member of Executive Committee and Head of Accounting and Planning Division of First international Bank of Israel.

Joseph Horowitz
Attorney-at-Law. Formerly served as Chief Internal Auditor and member of the board  of management   at Bank Leumi. Before that, he served in a number of senior positions at Bank Leumi.

Menachem m. Inbar
M.A. Law. Served in several positions in the banking system and in companies. Director of companies

Dalia Lev
C.P.A., Formerly chairperson and member of the board of several leading companies, including First International Bank. Currently director of companies.

Jacob Sitt
Advocate. MBA. Chief Executive Officer of FIBI Holdings Ltd.- The company is the controlling shareholder of the First International Bank of Israel Ltd.
Formerly Joint CEO of Leumi & Co. Underwriters and  Deputy CEO of Gmul Sahar Underwriters.







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