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Premium Banking

Benleumi provides you with the highest standard of private banking services

In the world of banking, private banking relates to an array of banking services for owners of multiple financial assets (affluent customers).  These customers are characterized by extensive and diverse banking activities as compared to customers of retail banking, thus the need for unique and personal attention.

As a private banking customer, all of your banking issues are handled at a single address, by a personal banker who knows you well and who is trained and experienced in a variety of banking areas, performing banking activities in a wide range of areas, including investments, foreign currency, credit and more (excluding cashier services).

Your personal banker stays in touch with all of the professional entities handling your banking issues at the Bank and he is also authorized to instruct the various professional units and trading rooms at the main headquarters, on your behalf.  In addition, he is supported by a backup team, enabling you to enjoy quick and efficient service, with maximum attention to your needs.

At Benleumi, private banking is an array of exclusive services characterized by creativity and ingenuity in the personal banking and investment consulting services provided by senior experts of the capital market.

Private banking services at Benleumi


Want to joint private banking at Benleumi?  There are several options for contacting us:

  1. Select the branch in which you wish your account to be held and come meet your personal bankers.  At the meeting, you will present us with your needs and requirements, and we will fit the account to your special demands – investment solutions, credit, direct banking and more.
  2. Contact Benleumi Call at *3009 and a banker will coordinate a meeting at the branch near you.
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Premium Banking
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