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Private Banking Centers

The Benleumi invests your way

The Benleumi is proud to present our private banking centers, offering you a senior, expert and professional staff.

The centers operate a professional panel of investment consultants who specialize in investments in Israel and abroad.  The centers are divided into four operational units, each specializing in its feel and all operating in full synergy in order to provide you with the most appropriate advice for your investment portfolio:

  • International investment unit
  • Corporate and Non-Profit Organization unit
  • Private customer units in Tel Aviv, Sharon and the north
  • Foreign resident consulting unit

In a world of excess information and multiple capital markets, this unique model of specializing units conducting ongoing internal communications, guarantees you an exceptional offering of advantages:

  • Every investment consultant serves a small number of customers.  Thus, you will be able to enjoy more personal and consistent service as well as a prompt response to any sudden market development, during the day and after stock market trading has ended.
  • Your personal investment portfolio shall be accurately "tailor-made" to your needs and attributes.
  • Your consultant will issue execution orders upon your predetermined guidelines and after properly assessing your investment portfolio.  In addition, the consultant will contact you, as necessary, based on the market situation.
  • In addition, consistent and daily contact among the units ensures the identification and analysis of attractive investment opportunities in Israel and abroad – in real time.

The consultants at the private banking centers are available at all times, whether by personal meeting, telephone conversations or e-mail.

We would like to coordinate a meeting with you, at your convenience, in one of the private banking centers:

Tel Aviv and Sharon Private Banking Center03-797-7047
Haifa Private Banking Center03-797-7070
To locate private banking branches and units
*For a minimum portfolio value of 1.5M NIS

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