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Second Opinion

Customers of all banks – get a second opinion about your investment portfolio, free and without obligation.

Regardless of which bank you conduct your business in; the Benleumi offers you a Second Opinion service that enables you to thoroughly assess your investment portfolio with the Benleumi investment experts.  The Benleumi operates a unique, computerized and advanced system that accompanies the consulting process and enables us to tailor an investment suit that meets your needs.
The service is provided to customers of all banks – free and without obligation


The Second Opinion service includes:

  • Identifying your personal needs and attributes as an investor
  • Recommending an investment portfolio composition that meets your needs and attributes
  • Information on market developments and opportunities

Benleumi Investment Consulting
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For your convenience, there are several methods for contacting us for a consultation meeting:

  1. Select the branch in which you wish your account to be held and come meet your personal bankers.  We will arrange a personal meeting in which you will present us with your needs and requirements, and our bankers will fit the account to your special demands – investment solutions, credit, direct banking and more.  This is what we call tailor made banking.
    Please note, when opening a bank account, you must submit several documents for relating and adjusting the account to your needs.
  2. Contact Benleumi Call at *3009 and a banker will coordinate a meeting at the branch near you.


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