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Consulting Process

Stage I – Customer Specification
Our investment consultants, using a sophisticated specification model that assesses your objective and subjective parameters, shall determine the risk level that fits your needs and characteristics.

Stage II – Consulting on Investment Portfolio Composition – Asset Allocation
Based on your features and the risk level derived thereof, the system will display the recommended investment portfolio, setting forth the asset allocation among the various investment channels and considering market conditions and the professional assessments of the leading Bank professionals.  The composition of this portfolio will serve as the basis for creating an investment portfolio that optimally meets your needs, during the consultation with the investment expert and all based on what is specifically desirable and recommended for you.
Asset allocation is a step within the consulting process, where the recommended composition is determined according to investor attributes – resources, risk level, investment objectives, etc.
The asset allocation presents the relative distribution between the various investment channels, without addressing specific assets.  For example: the proposed asset allocation for a solid investor requiring a high level of liquidity may be comprised of a recommendation for a certain measure of investments in monetary trust funds or NIS deposits, but shall not include a recommendation for a specific fund or deposit. 


Stage III – Specific Consulting
With every proposed investment venue, you will be offered the specific products in Israel and abroad (shares, debentures, trust funds, ETF, etc.) that meet your specifications, out of a wide variety of investment instruments.

State IV – Documentation
As the consulting process ends, a protocol documenting the discussion shall be issued, including all of the provided recommendations.  This protocol is documented within the consulting system, saved by the Bank and will be released to you upon your request.
The process is documented as required by law and it enables us, with every interaction with us, to consider prior recommendations as well.

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