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Consulting and Research Unit

Professional support for investment consultants and performance of micro/macro analyses and reviews

The Benleumi Consulting and Research Unit provides the professional support required for the investment consultants in the branches, enabling them to provide capital market investment advice, while adhering to the consulting law.
The Consulting and Research Unit is comprised of professional and experienced analysts with an extensive grasp of financial analyses.

Research Services

The Unit issues micro and macro analyses and reviews relating to the local and international markets and to a wide variety of investment instruments, to be used by the Bank's investment consultants.

  • Review and analysis of about 30 companies in the Israeli capital market.  The Unit publishes a comprehensive review of each company, with its valuation and a recommendation, on a quarterly basis.
  • Regularly issued macro reviews on the various investment channels in Israel – daily and weekly.
  • Analyses of stock, debenture and option IPO's.
  • Analyses of short term loan tenders and governmental debentures
  • Technical market analyses
  • Creating proposed portfolio composition in Israel and abroad, based on risk levels
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