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Foreign Securities Trading Room

The Benleumi introduces you to a world of investments

 Trading shares in stock markets in Europe and U.S

  • Trading is conducted on the Benleumi foreign securities system; an electronic system that conveys customer orders directly to "market makers" and international stock exchanges.  The executions are transferred directly to your account in Israel in real time.
  • The trading room maintains direct computer communication contact with several brokers abroad, so that customer orders reach the appropriate destination in real time.
  • Leading databases provide updated quotes and financial news – any information that can support real time investment decision making.

Trading foreign debentures

  • Trading international debentures traded OTC in Europe and the U.S., issued by private companies or governmental entities.
  • Daily online contact with "market makers" and leading issuing companies, providing customers with access to the debenture inventory and market liquidity.
  • Seeking debentures for investors while relating to specific criteria (return, redemption, rating, currency, investment amount, interest rate) with the aim of obtaining competitive pricing.

Information and Consulting Services

  • Information relating to public companies, including financial reports, graphs for technical analyses, company news and developments, analyst recommendations and recent studies published by leading international investment banks.
  • Assistance in creating balanced portfolios and investment consulting services. The consultants speak several languages and offer professional and personal service.
  • Planning an investment portfolio and diversifying the appropriate portfolios to the customers' investment facility and risk levels, while considering the current investment environment.
  • Personal messages relating to special trading options, new products and information on market development.

Clearing and Stock Custody

  • The Benleumi maintains several agreements with brokerages and clearing houses, enabling it to provide its customers with global custody services – receiving dividends, interests, payment distribution, transfers and stock holding.
  • The First International Bank provides foreign securities clearing services – "Settlement Actual" – Future clearing based on an actual credit/debit in a stock exchange abroad.

    Fore example:  In the U.S., stock is cleared in the U.S. after three business days.  Options in the U.S. are cleared after only one business day in the U.S.  In Europe, stock is cleared within up to 7 business days in Europe 9based on the actual clearing policy of the relevant exchange abroad).  Thus, the customer shall be charged for purchases on the actual clearing date and not beforehand


Foreign Securities Trading Room – Operating Hours
Sunday   09:30-13:00
Monday-Thursday 09:30-23:00
Friday   08:30-14:00

Customers with an operating facility of more than $500,000 can operate directly with the trading room.

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Foreign Securities Trading Room
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