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Expert Credit Advisors

Business Department Credit Consultants
Accompanying you all the way

Regardless of the size of your business, Benleumi offers your business all of the tools required to succeed – a sympathetic ear, comprehensive consulting, various credit facilities offering convenient terms and a variety of investment venues.

Benleumi operates 34 business branches and units nationwide.
Each branch is staffed with a skilled and professional team that handles a small group of select customers and which is available to you and your business at all times, to help you obtain the highest return on the best investment.

We would be happy to put our experience and expertise with private and public companies at your service.

To coordinate a meeting and/or for further details, contact us in your manner of choice:

  • Contact Benleumi Call at *3009 and a banker will coordinate a meeting at the branch near you.

  • Select the business branch or nearby unit at the branch of your convenience and come meet your team of specialists.  In a personal meeting, you will present us with all of your business needs and we will formulate solutions that meet your needs from a wide variety of creative products and services.

  • Send an online request by filling in your details on the attached form and a representative will contact you as soon as possible in order to coordinate a meeting at the nearest and most convenient branch.
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