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Small Business Fund

Government backed fund for assisting small businesses

Up to 750,000 NIS credit for any business objective.

The government backed small business fund offers up to 750,000 NIS in credit for small businesses, for a period of up to 5 years.  Financing is granted at Benleumi/Otsar HaHayal branches that have won the bid for operating the fund.

If your business meets all of the requirements and criteria set forth above, you may contact one of the branches specially trained to handle such loans.

Small Business Fund Objective

The government backed small business fund was established by the state in order to consolidate two means for supporting small businesses:

Working capital loans for small businesses suffering from cash flow problems
Investment loans for establishing new businesses or expanding existing operations.
The Bank shall grant the loans to small businesses that, based on an evaluation by the coordinating party, demonstrate financial justification, but which, in light of the circumstances, should be helped with financing for a period of five years.

Fund Requirements – Credit Application Criteria

Small business – Defined as an independent, limited liability company or partners.
Annual sales turnover of up to 22M NIS
Investment plan: Equity investment of up to 20% of the investment plan.
Absence of unsettled debts to the tax authorities.

Absence of legal restrictions – Business and/or owner accounts are not restricted, there are no legal claims pending against the business or its owners, nor any legal proceedings of receivership or execution.
A single entity shall be granted no more than one loan.
Every credit application must be submitted with a business plan.
Approval is based on the discretion of the fund credit committee

Credit Terms

Max. Amt.

500,000 NIS for businesses with an annual turnover of up to 10M NIS.  750,000 NIS for businesses with an annual turnover between 10-22M NIS.

Loan Period

Up to five years, including a 6-month grace period and 55 repayment installments.

Loan Type

CPI linked, NIS or Foreign Currency


To be determined by the credit committee


70% of the guarantee granted by the government.

Applying to the Fund

  • Verify that your business meets all of the preliminary Fund requirements set forth herein.
  • If your business meets the prerequisite requirements, contact one of the Benleumi/Otsar HaHayal branches handling the Fund in order to perform a preliminary evaluation of meeting Fund criteria.

For a list of branches
Further Information:

Tavor website – www.tavor.biz

Tavor Economics and Finance Ltd. offices
Tel: 09-777-6800 Fax: 03-521-2313

Benleumi Call at *3009
Application approval is subject to the discretion of the Fund credit committee.


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