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Beinleumi Call

Our bankers are at your service. Dial *3009 from any phone.

A regular team of experienced and professional bankers is at your service at the Benleumi Call center at *3009.  They can provide you with information and help you execute account transactions – over the phone.

The service is provided to Benleumi customers at no charge.


Sun. – Thurs.                            07:15-23:15

Fridays and holiday eves           07:15-14:00

Hours of Operation:

*3009 or from abroad: +972-3-513-0031

Any phone:


Basic approval for potential customers and inquiries relating to an existing mortgage.

Mortgage Line


Preliminary response and referral to an authorized pension consultant.

Pension Consulting Line


Benleumi Call – Telephone information and transactions

Assisted by the Benleumi Call bankers, you can also perform most of the banking transactions that you are accustomed to performing in the branch:

  1. Information on your account balances, credit, investments and more.
  2. Executing transaction in various fields, including:
  • Deposit and withdrawal of various NIS and current credit deposits
  • Saving account deposits
  • Acquisition and sale of securities and trust funds on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
  • Acquisition and sale of foreign securities traded in the U.S. and Europe*
  • Acquisition, sale and writing of Maof options
  • Securities order cancellation
  • Money transfers to NIS accounts
  • Checkbook order and cancellation
  • Application for NIS loan up to 100,000 NIS
  • Foreign currency acquisition and exchange
  • Ordering credit cards

And more…

How to join the service?

Contact the branch, sign a membership form and obtain a code for executing transactions with Benleumi Call.

* Transactions relating to stock markets in Europe are handled by the foreign securities department.  The call center allows for cancelling transactions transferred through the branch.

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Direct Banking
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