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Cellular Online

Our bankers are at your service. Dial *3009 from any phone.

Service Advantages:

  • The ability to remain up to date, anywhere: on the way to work, in the gym, at a restaurant, etc.
  • The ability to know everything in real time and to respond to every update in record speed.
  • You decide which updates you get.
  • You decide the hour for beginning to receive the update.

The information you can choose to receive through Cellular Online

You can define some or all of the following criteria:

Current Account

Current account balance and 4 or 10 last transactions.

Alert of credit balance higher than defined by the customer.

Alert of debit balance higher than defined by the customer.

Alert of a credit transaction higher than the amount defined by the customer.


Current Credit Deposit valuation.  Deposits and saving plans.


Security portfolio valuation.


Please note:

Benleumi Online subscribers of transaction services may alter the information categories appearing on screen or update their telephone number without visiting the branch, just through the Bank Website.

Information Transmission Times

  • Balances and account activity information shall be sent daily at the hour specified by the customer.
  • Alerts shall be sent on all days of the week, including non-business days, such as ATM money withdrawals.
  • Alerts including information on current credit or debit account activity shall be received shortly after execution thereof.
  • An alert including information about the account balance relates to the balance at the end of the business day and shall be sent as of the hour specified by the customer as the time to commence transmission.

Joining the Service

  • At the branch.
  • Benleumi Online subscribers of transaction services may join via the Internet – press here to join.

Criterion Cancellation/Update

Service specifications (telephone numbers, criteria, etc.) can be cancelled/updated at all times.

Service Cost

The service is subject to a subscription fee, as set forth in the Bank Commission price list.

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