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Teller- Fax

Receive a printout of your account, regularly or upon demand
Using Benleumi's Teller-Fax service, you can receive updated account information directly by fax – at home or in the office:


FC Printouts

Securities Printouts

NIS Printouts

FC portfolio

Import transaction portfolio

Export transaction portfolio

Foreign currency exchange rates

Securities portfolio

General valuation

20 last activities

20 previous activities

Activities not yet printed

Check return

Postdated checks


If you are away from your regular fax, you may specify an alternative fax for sending a certain printout.

Two options for Teller-Fax services:

  • Teller-Fax – Receive any printout upon demand – 24 hours a day.
  • Proactive Teller-Fax – The Bank proactively sends printouts* at frequencies determined by the customer.  The system allows you to specify a different fax number for each kind of requested information.

Joining Teller-Fax

Enter the branch, sign a form and define the requested service and fax numbers for sending the printouts.

Teller-Fax customers automatically enjoy the automated voice response services.

The service is subject to a commission as defined in the Bank Commission price list.

With the Proactive Teller-Fax service, the available printouts are: General Valuation and/or Activities Not Yet Printed only.


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