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Tevel 2000

Account information through computer communications – 24 hours a day
  • The Tevel 2000 system provides you with access to your accounts 24 hours a day by dialing into the Bank computer or via the Internet.
  • The system supports corporations, companies and multiple account users.
  • Information is available at corporate, company and individual account level.
  • System operation is simple and convenient.
  • To join the Tevel 2000 system, contact the branch.


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General valuation

Activities and Current Account balances

Last activities

NIS currencies today

Check return

Postdate checks

Check discounting

Deposited checks

Cancelled checks

Standing orders and permissions

Quarterly balance consolidation

Annual balance consolidation


List of credit cards

Loans and guarantees

List of credits


Investment distribution

NIS deposits

Saving account valuation

Current credit deposits

Structured products

Investment account activity


Securities portfolio

Securities activity

Information on off-floor transactions

Foreign Currency

FC portfolio

FC activities

FC activities today

Import transactions

Export transactions

FC transfer status

FC revenues

FC exchange rates

Basic interest rates

Financial Instruments

Transactions executed today

Forex transactions

Index-NIS transactions

Financial Information

Financial information – Israel

Stocks related to Israel, traded in New York

General Information

Index display

Prime interest rate

NIS deposit interest rates


Change password

Query on restricted accounts

File download


The service is subject to a commission as defined in the Bank Commission price list.

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