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Data Security

The Benleumi invests great effort toward protecting customer data, in order to allow maximum flexibility when operating with Bank computers, while placing an emphasis on the various data security issues.

This document contains data security recommendations and guidelines for customers using the Bank's online services.

Recommendations and Guidelines on System Website Use
Accessing the system:

  • Enter the full Bank URL: http://www.fibi.co.il
  • On the homepage, select "Access Account" to access the online site used for viewing information and executing transactions.
    Important, do not access the Bank website with links sent to you by e-mail.

Verification: Whenever you are required to verify browsing to the Bank online website, pay close attention to the following details:

  • Site address – It is important to verify that the URL begins with https://www.fibi-online.co.il  during the entire connection with the system.
  • Form and structure – Note that the website's general form and appearance are familiar to you.
  • Communication encryption – It is important to verify that there is a locked padlock or entire key or address bar against a green background (based on the browser version installed on your computer) at the bottom of your screen.  This icon  will appear throughout your connection to the system.  By double clicking the icon, you will be able to see the digital certificate issued to the site.  Ensure that the issuing body is VeriSign and that the certificate was issued to the Benleumi Bank.


  • You may access the website by entering a personal user identification code and password.  This data is personal and must not be transferred to others.  We recommend that, during identification, there are no unauthorized/unfamiliar individuals near you.
  • Do not give anyone your personal password (including the initial password), even if he is identified with the Bank (please note, Bank representatives will never ask customers for their passwords).  If you are asked to provide your personal password, do not do so and immediately report the request to the Support Center set forth below.
  • Do not save the user code and/or password in a computer file or openly near the computer.

     Please note, Bank representatives will not contact you to request your website password.



  • Initial password – hen first accessing the system, you will be required to replace the initial password received at the branch.  This password is valid for only 30 days of receiving the code sheet.  The password shall be cancelled if it is not replaced within this period of time and you shall be required to contact the branch in order to obtain a new code sheet.
  • Password selection – We recommend that you select a password that will be difficult to guess.  Our suggestion: Do not use ID numbers, birthdates, names or part of the user code, but rather select a password that is difficult to guess, comprised of a combination of letters and digits.
    We recommend selecting a password that is different than those used on social media websites or sites with low data security levels.
    When resetting the password online, select a password whose details are unknown on the social media (birthdates, anniversaries, names of relatives, etc.).
  • Password replacement – The system requires you to change your password every three months.  However, you can replace your password at any time.  If you are concerned that someone else knows your password – immediately change it. 
    Website location for password replacement: "Service and General Information" tab, "Password Replacement" menu.
  • Password block and release – When entering an incorrect password more than four consecutive times, access to the system shall be blocked.  The block can be cancelled independently online or by contacting your branch for a new password.



  • Documentation and recording – The Bank documents all online activities.
    Last access date – When accessing the system, you will see the date and time of your previous visit to the system.  Verify that the displayed data is indeed correct.


Ending activity:

  • Access to the Bank's website is secured and controlled by a Firewall, allowing access to services provided by the Bank only.
  • The information transmitted between the Bank computer and your personal computer is encoded with a 128 bit SSL certificate issued by VeriSign.
  • The system is subject to monitoring and control mechanisms operated by the Bank and the Bank records the activity conducted therein.
  • Website data security tests are conducted by data security experts in an ongoing manner.
  • Access to the system is only possible after entering a user identification code and password.  After 15 minutes of inactivity, the system shall automatically disconnect and the authentication process will be required anew.


Saving information on the Personal Computer:

You can save the information pages in various formats (PDF, Excel, HTML and more).
Please note – Securing the information stored in your computer is your responsibility and access to this information is subject to the security level of your computer.


General Recommendations

  • We recommend that you do not navigate to your bank account from public places.
  • We recommend that you access your account continuously and monitor the activity in your account.
  • Install Antivirus software and ensure ongoing updates.
  • Update the operating system with corrections published from time to time.
  • Install a Personal Firewall software program on your personal computer and update it as necessary.
  • Install a software program to detect "spyware" on your personal computer and update it as necessary.
  •  Use the latest version of the Internet browser used for navigation.
  •  Do not install software that is unfamiliar or derived of an unreliable source.
  •  Be very careful, alert and even avoidant of sending chain mail.
  • We recommend that you be careful when providing details via e-mail in order to participate in drawings, prize winning offers and such.
  • We suggest that you avoid unnecessary exposure of identifying details in various online forums such as social networks, chat groups and forums.
  • We recommend that you avoid downloading shareware (e-mule, etc.).
  • We recommend that you avoid using the website password when accessing other systems/websites.

Technical support – For instructions, questions, support and in any other case of doubt on issues of data security, contact the Support Center.

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