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Foreign Trade Services

We are at your service at the branch and at the international trade center

The Benleumi offers you a broad array of professional services for foreign trade, enabling you to efficiently carry out international transactions.  The services also include computerized import and export transactions.

The professional staff at the Benleumi branches and international trade center is prepared to provide you with the appropriate solution and to help you with all of your business interests around the world.


Documentary Credit

Documentary credit allows both parties to a foreign trade transaction (export/import) to enjoy a relative level of confidence.  The Benleumi provides documentary credit solutions, including solutions relating to transactions involving a mediating entity, such as:

  • Transferable
  • Back to Back

For detailed information dedicated to your needs regarding documentary credit, please contact the international trade center.

Collection Documents

In applying the collection documents method of payment, transaction documents are sent to the paying party's bank (importer) by the bank for the receiving party (exporter) or directly from the importer.  The Bank transfers the documents to the importer according to exporter instructions.

Collection Types

  • Collection documents against payment in cash
  • Collection documents against supplier credit
  • Clean collection

For further information on collection, please contact your banker at the branch.

Open Delivery

Open delivery payments are customary foreign trade practices where there is full trust between the parties to the transaction (importer/exporter).  The paying party transfers funds to the receiving party in the amount and on the date agreed between them.  These payments are performed via Swift or a bank check.  The Benleumi enables you to perform open delivery payments through its digital service systems.

For further information on open delivery, please contact your banker at the branch.

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