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Swift Money Transfers

Swift code for transferring money between world banks

Swift is a secured electronic communications network for transmitting messages and payments among banks.  Most of the world banks are connected to this network.  Every Swift member bank has a code of its own.

The Benleumi Swift code is: FIRBILITXXX

Receiving with Swift

If you expect to receive money from abroad, you will most probably be required to provide accurate details relating to your account, enabling the transferring bank abroad to perform the transfer to your Benleumi account in the most accurate and rapid manner.

You must update the transferring party with the Benleumi Swift code and your bank account details (account number and branch*).  To avoid any delay in receiving the money, provide the numbers in IBAN configuration, comprised of 23 characters and containing the following details:

  • Country code – IL
  • Control digit
  • Bank number
  • Branch number
  • Account number

To obtain your account number in IBAN configuration, contact your branch.

Swift money transfers

Before transferring money abroad, obtain bank details from the beneficiary – bank name, branch address, Swift code or clearing house number and the account number in the said bank.


Banks in the European Union and several others require the account number in IBAN configuration.  Information on the countries requiring account numbers in IBAN configuration is available at Benleumi Online or at your branch.

Swift services with various currencies

The Benleumi offers you a special service – money transfers of various currencies: Ruble, Chinese Yuan, and more.  The transfer is executed with the required currency and your account will be debited the USD equivalent thereof.

For further information, contact the banker at your branch.

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