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Foreign Exchange Dealing Room

Your contact with the world's foreign exchange markets (including Sunday)

The global Forex (foreign exchange) market records a daily turnover of approximately $1.9T – 40 times the global volume of stock market transactions, for example.  It is the largest market in the world, operating 24 hours a day, between continents, countries and bank dealing rooms.

Looking for direct and professional access to the Forex world?

Welcome to the Benleumi Forex dealing room.  Standing ready to assist you is a team of professional experts, providing you with access to the best resources and tools for executing all kinds of transactions: Spot, Forward, ordinary options (VANILLA) and various exotic and digital options.  In addition, you can observe completed transactions and limits on the website.

Benleumi's dealing room serve large companies, foreign banks, investors and private traders.  When approaching the Benleumi Forex dealing room they all found a leading source of competitive prices, up to date information on the world markets and unique financial solutions.

You too can take our advantages and make them yours:

  • NIS/USD trading on Sundays too – Allows you to quickly react to weekend events in Israel and abroad.
  • 24 hour a day trading – Provides you with continuous trading in the global Forex market, enabling you to rapidly respond to any development and to maximally utilized any opportunities.
  • Direct international connection to dealing rooms of the largest banks in the world – Allows you to rapidly carry out all kinds of transactions and obtain firsthand information on market events.
  • Connection to interbank broker networks – For obtaining the most up to date price quotes in the global Forex market.
  • Professional dealers – Highly experienced and specially trained Forex experts with a deep acquaintance with the financial markets and instruments traded therein.
  • Advanced technology – Global and real time financial information systems: Reuters and Bloomberg, computer programs for transaction analysis and transaction management system, comprising a database of all of your transactions and their status at any given moment.
  • Information directly to you – A desktop information system, daily exchange rate telephone call and a review of dealing room transactions, by fax or e-mail, providing the exchange and interest rates, developments, influencing factors and events expected in the markets in Israel and around the world.
  • Business development unit – A professional team to help you contact the Forex dealing room.

To coordinate a meeting, contact the Forex Dealing Room Business Development Unit at +972-3-519-6479 or +972-3-519-6211.

Foreign Exchange
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