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בנקאות יצירתית בינלאומי
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At Benleumi, you have the expert dealers at your service, working with innovative and advanced tools toward the performance of spot/forward transactions/Forex and Forex option acquisitions and implementation of combined strategies.


Interested in winning with Forex transactions?  Contact us for innovative and advanced tools for getting the most out of your transactions:


  • Spot/forward transactions for business firms – Risk coverage derived of foreign exchange rates around the world.

  • Spot/forward transactions for private traders – An investment channel with a risk/high risk profile, unrelated to the Israeli capital market.

  • Forex options/Forex – Allow unlimited risk coverage or investment profit in consideration of a predetermined premium.

  • Expert dealers – At your service to perform various strategies, combining options or options and forward transactions.

To join Benleumi's Forex services, contact the contact the Forex Dealing Room Business Development Unit at +972-3-519-6479 or +972-3-519-6211.

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