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Digital Service

A variety of online services allowing you to manage your international business directly from the computer
Business transactions in Tokyo, raw materials from Africa, suppliers from England and customers from America – all of these at your fingertips, on your personal computer. Real time international trading.

Benleumi's foreign trade customers enjoy maximum control, suing electronic systems to perform transactions and obtain up to date information via computer communications and the Internet.  These systems grant you time savings and maximum control of your transactions around the world.

Benleumi Online – Forex transactions over the Internet

Benleumi Online – the Bank's online banking system – enables you to perform foreign currency transfers at all hours, regardless of the branch, from anywhere around the world.

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EDI – Global Computer Communications

The Benleumi offers you the opportunity to manage your global business simply and to save time with the EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – system.  The system complies with international standards allowing international standard communications between the Bank and its customers.  Using the system, electronic messages, figures and executive orders can be conveyed between the customer and the Bank.

For information on EDI services suited for you, please contact your banker at the branch.

Forex Dealing Room – Your contact with world Forex markets (on Sundays too)

Looking for direct and professional access to the Forex world? Welcome to the Benleumi Forex dealing room.  The Benleumi dealing room serves large companies, foreign banks and private investors.  At the Benleumi dealing room, they first found the optimal source for competitive prices, up to date information on global markets and unique financial solutions.

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Foreign Exchange
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