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Internet Forex

Transferring foreign currency via the Internet to accounts in Israel and abroad, simply and swiftly

Need to transfer foreign currency to accounts in Israel and abroad?

With Benleumi, you can do so easily and quickly, with substantial cost savings.

Who is the service for?

  • Private customers with commercial ties to foreign entities
  • Employers paying salaries to employees abroad
  • Parents supporting their children studying abroad
  • Foreign asset holders performing regular payments
  • Customers performing foreign currency transfers to customers of other banks in Israel
  • Customers with unique Forex needs

Service Advantages

  • 25% discount of the Bank price list for transfer commissions and Swift expenses
  • Conducting transaction regardless of branch hours of operation
  • Performing orders within a short period – beneficiary details are predefined, thus the customer has only to choose a beneficiary from the list and complete the transfer amount and reference number
  • Immediately obtaining a copy of the transfer document

How does it work?

  1. Set the list of beneficiaries to whom you usually make money transfers (performed at the branch).
  2. Enter ""Benleumi Online" and select the beneficiary from the preset list of beneficiaries.
  3. Enter the relevant details (transfer amount and details relating to the purpose of the transfer).

That's it! The transfer is performed automatically.

The service enables you to monitor your orders in real time and obtain confirmation within minutes, as well as a copy of the Swift transmission.

Signature Composition

The Bank offers you a service that enables you to predefine the account signatories for performing Forex transfers.  The transfer order will only be performed upon the approval of all predefined signatories.  It is hereby clarified that customers selecting this service will be unable to carry out transactions via the Internet.

Press here to enter Benleumi Online

Foreign Exchange
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