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The Five Steps on the way to a new home

Purchasing an apartment is a big and significant step that marks the beginning of a shared future for most people.  Therefore, when buying an apartment, it is important to take a mortgage from a Bank that understands the meaning of this step and which will customize a mortgage for you, which will pave your road home.

This guide is intended to help you through the mortgage process and it will provide you with answers to many questions and information on the various options available to you.  We hope that this guide helps you reach your new home as simply and quickly as possible.

What is a mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan that is usually designated for purchasing an apartment or another real estate asset.  A mortgage is considered the convenient and most popular method for financing such a purchase, while the apartment or asset serve as collateral for the Bank.

First thing, and before you get started, define the goal for which you want to take out a mortgage:

  • First apartment
  • Residential improvement
  • Investment apartment
  • Self construction
  • Mortgage Dragging
  • Recycling a mortgage from a different Bank
  • All purpose loan on an existing asset
  • Purchasing group
  • Foreign resident mortgage

And now, after you've set your goal, let's get started…

Stage I: Initial Approval
>>> More Information

Stage II: Choosing a plan
>>> More Information

Stage III: Final Approval
>>> More Information

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