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Eligibility Mortgage

The government helps you buy an apartment

The State of Israel provides assistance through a mortgage with preferential terms.  These mortgages – eligibility mortgages – are granted by the Ministry of Housing and Construction, based on predetermined eligibility criteria.  Eligibility mortgages are granted upon receipt of an eligibility certificate.

Who is entitled to a Ministry of Construction and Housing Eligibility Loan?

  • Couples without homes
  • New immigrants
  • Single parent families
  • Single individuals over 30

There are additional eligibility groups based on Ministry of Construction and Housing criteria.

What is the Eligibility Mortgage amount?

The amount is determined by a point system that is affected by several factors:

  • Number of children (including pregnancy, after 5 months)
  • Number of full years of marriage
  • Military/national service
  • Number of siblings (brothers and sisters) who are Israeli residents and citizens
  • Age of the applicant (if single)

And more…

Points and/or additional amounts are granted to borrowers purchasing apartments in preferred regions, based on an updated list determined upon government resolution.

Populations defined by the government – such as new immigrants, single parent families and more – are subject to a minimal number of points.  In other words, if the number of points to which they are entitled under the regular criteria is lower, they are automatically entitled to the said minimal number of points.

How much are you entitled to?

Visit the Ministry of Construction and Housing website, where you will find a calculator for determining the eligibility mortgage amount to which you are entitled.

You must present an eligibility certificate in order to receive an Eligibility Mortgage.

Our mortgage consultants will be happy to customize a variety of loans in addition to the eligibility loans.

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