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Eligibility Certificate

Approval for a Ministry of Construction and Housing Eligibility Mortgage

To obtain an eligibility mortgage, you must present your eligibility certificate.  The certificate confirms that you are entitled to a mortgage from the Ministry of Construction and Housing.  The eligibility certificate lists the number of points that you have acquired, by which the terms, amount and form of assistance shall be determined.

How do I get an eligibility certificate?

A Ministry of Construction and Housing eligibility certificate can be obtained in any of the mortgage counters at the Benleumi Group branches.

What documents are required in order to obtain the certificate?

  • ID card (including an updated attachment with your and your children's details)
  • Immigrant certificate (new immigrants only)
  • Marriage certificate of marriage permit (the future wedding date must be within up to 3 months of the application).
  • Updated certificate of pregnancy, after 5 months (signed by a physician from a recognized medical institution).
  • City adjutant certificate of military/national service completion and duration thereof (for both partners).
  • Full details relating to siblings (including deceased) – First and last name, year of birth, ID number and residential address in Israel.

Additional documents may be required in certain cases.

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Eligibility mortgage

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